Win the Lottery Jackpot and Keep Your Winnings Anonymous

Whether you’ve won a big lottery prize or not, it’s always a good idea to protect your identity. It’s important to keep your winnings anonymous to protect yourself from scammers and other long-lost friends.

A few years ago, a couple won a 148 million lottery jackpot. It was the biggest lottery prize in history at the time. Unfortunately, they were both so prone to gambling that they spent most of their winnings. Rather than take the money and invest it wisely, they spent it on drugs and materialistic excesses. They eventually ended up in a mental hospital.

Before the Powerball jackpot was $314 million, there were two other jackpots that reached $3 million. Willie Hurt won $3.1 million in Michigan Super Lotto in 1989 and Keith Gough won $11 million in the British lottery in 2010.

After winning the lottery, Billie Bob Harrell Jr. and his wife spent $3 million in the first three months. In 2006, the couple spiraled into drug addiction. They eventually divorced and divorced their daughter. They also spent $31 million in two years.

Evelyn Basehore spent the majority of her winnings gambling and giving it away. In 1985, she won a $1.4 million prize and two multi-million dollar prizes in New Jersey. Afterward, she lost all her money.

Jack Whittaker was a construction worker from West Virginia. He won a Powerball jackpot of $314 million in 2002. He was an outsized personality. He wore an outsized cowboy hat and enjoyed giving handouts to strangers. He also donated money to churches and diner waitresses.