Hitting the Lottery Jackpot – How to Avoid Unwanted Contact

Hitting the lottery jackpot is one of the best ways to strike it rich, but the downsides can be equally as damaging. The overwhelming majority of lottery players are from lower socioeconomic classes. The money derived from the game is often spent on extravagant houses and lavish clothes, and the winnings can even cause a family’s marriage to dissolve. In Hitting the Lottery Jackpot, David Nibert explores how the lottery came to be.

Among the most common problems faced by lottery winners is receiving unwanted contact. If you win a large lottery jackpot, you might receive phone calls from long-lost relatives who claim to have some connection with you. You may also receive a flood of solicitations from charities and questionable business opportunities. To avoid falling victim to such scams, it’s best to keep your lottery jackpot secret for the next six months. Here are some ways to protect yourself:

First of all, never cash in the winnings until you’re ready to spend it. You’ll need at least a week to decide on how to spend your prize. Make sure you have a safe place for your ticket stub and start assembling your financial dream team. You should consider hiring a number of professionals – including an investment adviser, estate-planning attorney, certified public accountant, private bankers, and insurance experts.