Sports Betting Strategies

In sports betting, a favorite and an underdog are two terms that you will hear quite often. While betting on a favorite has a higher chance of winning than betting on an underdog, your risk will be higher, but your return will be bigger. Choosing an underdog is known as a “pick.”

In sports betting, you can place bets on the winner of a race or game, or on a particular team. In sports betting, the first two finishers in any order are considered an “exacta.” The second pair can be a “quinella” if they finish in any order, and the third and fourth finishers must be in the same order to win. The fourth type of bet is the “superfecta,” which is when all four finishers have to finish in the exact order. A “daily double” is the same, but is a combination of two or three races. Similarly, a “daily triple” involves betting on three or more consecutive races, while a “pick six” requires picking the winners of six consecutive races.

Proper betting strategy includes placing parlays on two or more games. These bets offer a higher total payout than a single wager, but they’re more difficult to hit. Teasers, on the other hand, give you a small advantage in a lower payout. You should select two or more games, and adjust the posted pointspread. This is called “parlaying.”