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No to US airstrikes on Syria and Iraq! All support to popular movements in Syria and Iraq!

No to US airstrikes on Syria and Iraq!

All support to popular movements in Syria and Iraq!

A statement by Syrian Revolution Bases of Support

The Occupation Is Not an Ally to Our Revolution

By Syrian Revolution Support Bases

Syrian women and men have broken the barrier of silence in their revolution against the repressive Assad regime, taking to the streets en masse to demand freedom. The regime faced their revolution with unprecedented brutality, murdering nearly 200,000 people, forcibly disappearing tens of thousands and displacing millions. Yet, the Syrian people clung to their demands for freedom, justice and dignity as the core demands of the revolution.

Statement of solidarity with the Syrian revolution

To sign on to this statement please email: srsbases@gmail.com

As Syrians mark the first anniversary of the Assad regime’s chemical attacks on Al Ghouta, which caused the death of several hundred people, we the undersigned stand in solidarity with the millions of Syrians who have struggled for dignity and freedom since March 2011. We call on the people of the world to act in support of the revolution and its goals, demanding the immediate end of the violence and the end of the illegitimate Assad regime.

Pour un Irak démocratique, laïc, révolutionnaire, souverain et indépendant

Communiqué d’organisations marxistes socialistes révolutionnaires de la région arabe

28 juin 2014

For a Revolutionary Secular Democratic Sovereign and Independent Iraq

Joint statement by Revolutionary Marxist and Socialist Organizations in the Region

The battle against racism continues

More than three years since the beginning of the Syrian Revolution, millions of Syrians were forced to flee into other areas inside and outside their country. They sought refuge in neighboring countries, including Lebanon, where they continue to face relentless accusations. Many renounced them as a security threat, forbidding them from walking in the streets. Others targeted them. One public official called them “terrorists, like Majed al-Majed” and called for their deportation.

AUB students on the move: we shall not surrender!

"I don’t shit money", "My dad is not a bank", "I’m not an ATM", "Cheers to the tuition", "I want to eat meat", these were some banners carried by American University of Beirut (AUB) students today in reply to the tuition fee increase. The banners may be sarcastic but they reveal the bitterness of the economic situation hitting everyone.

Victory to the Students! Stop the Tuition Fee Increase!

Despite the economic crisis, the increasingly difficult cost of living, and the deterioration of the security situation in Lebanon, the fear and unrest that follows, and the continuing refusal of the state and its economic bodies to take responsibility for this decline, it seems we are being forced to carry another suffocating burden.

Not too long ago, students at the Lebanese American University (LAU) protested a tuition increase, followed by an attempt to expel four students for practicing their freedom to protest with their peers.