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A propos de l'expérience des conseils locaux dans la révolution syrienne

Walid Daou

«Nous ne sommes pas en deçà des travailleurs de la commune de Paris ...ils ont tenu le coup soixante dix jours et nous, nous résistons depuis un an et demi». C'est par ces mots qu'Omar Aziz, l'intellectuel organique, a décrit la révolution syrienne. Le 17 février 2013, il est mort en martyr à la prison centrale d'Adra. 

Statement of the Syrian Revolutionary Left Current: The Betrayed Revolution

Translated by Omar Abbas

As we mark the sixth anniversary of the eruption of the popular revolution in our country, our people’s struggle for their liberation, and for the history of our country, enters a new stage.

All of the objective political and economic and social conditions were present to cause the eruption of popular anger against the corrupt and tyrannical bourgeois regime. This popular anger was only waiting for the spark to ignite it.

There can be no feminism without socialism, and no socialism without feminism

The Manifesto of the Socialist Forum’s Socialist Feminist Committee

The Socialist Feminist Committee is a new committee formed by the Socialist Forum at the beginning of September 2016 to respond to the need for a space and framework within the Forum to cultivate socialist feminist politics and discourse. This manifesto presents our political and practical orientation, in the hope that we can start a wider debate on the type of feminism and socialism we desire.

The Experience of Local Councils in the Syrian Revolution

Written by Walid Daou

Translated by Ghassan Makarem

"We are not less that the workers of the Paris Commune... They lasted 70 days and we are still here since a year and a half." This is how the organic intellectual Omar Aziz described the revolution in Syria. On 17 February 2013, Aziz was martyred in Adra Central Prison.

SIGNEZ LA PETITION: La fasciste francaise Marine Le Pen n'est pas la bienvenue au Liban


Nous, les sous-signataires, nous opposons à la visite prévue au Liban par Marine Le Pen, la Trump française, pour rencontrer le Président Aoun et le Premier Ministre Hariri. 

PETITION TO SIGN: French Fascist Marine Le Pen is not welcome in Lebanon


We, the undersigned, oppose the planned visit by Marine Le Pen – the French Trump – to Lebanon to meet President Aoun and Prime Minister Hariri.