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Against Refugee Curfews During Baalbek International Festival

On Monday, July 11th, 2016, Lebanon’s state-run National News Agency (NNA) reported that the Baalbek-Hermel governorate will impose a curfew for Syrian refugees from 6 PM to 6 AM during the upcoming annual Baalbek International Festival, which takes place from Friday, July 22, 2016 until August, 28, 2016. 

While Governor Bashir Khoder verbally denied extending the existing refugee curfew, no official statements have been passed by the Baalbek-Hermel governorate indicating that the NNA reported false news.

Solidarity with Refugees: Down with Xenophobia and Disunity

Before anything can be written, our hearts go out to the lives lost in Al-Qaa, Istanbul, and beyond them both. The sorrow in places like Al-Qaa arise from a grander, universal wound. We bear witness to it today in many places we call home. We and those before us have witnessed in the past. And we and those after us will likely witness it in the future.  But we have also seen this pain, frustration, anger and fear routinely exploited and instrumentalized, with the aim:

- to tear apart communities and natural allies,

- to encourage xenophobia, hate, fear, and isolation,

Twelve Vignettes of Lesvos

By Yazan al-Saadi

Lesvos is a very charming, aesthetically pleasing place. With a population of around 87,000 and covering a total area of 630 square miles, the island is a little over five kilometers away from Turkish mainland. The Aegean Sea stands in between.     

Politicizing the municipal elections is a step towards confronting the regime

Author: Walid Daou. Translated by: Anthony Rizk

As the popular movement of the summer of 2015 faded, several campaigns sprang forward to take the struggle to the coming municipal elections. These include ‘Beirut Madinati [Beirut is my City]’ and ‘Citizens in the State’. So, what is our position on these elections and campaigns?

Syrian Refugees: The Struggle Is Self-Determination

BY Elia EL Khazen, Sami Madani, Yazan Al-Saadi

An abridged account and thoughts of when we tried to mobilize Syrian refugee camps in the Beka’a Valley  

The Context:

Over half the Syrian populations are either refugees abroad or internally displaced within the country. They have no representation or protection – neither from the regime nor the opposition. 

US politics and the state of the left

By Wael Elasady


I want to say thanks to the Socialist Forum and to all the comrades who helped organize the event.

Global solidarity with the refugees

By Yazan Al-Saadi & Elia El Khazen


We know all the numbers that need to be known. 

We are aware of all the ratios of refugees to citizens in every country, from Lebanon to the UK, Libya to Greece, Macedonia to Canada. 

Rethinking Solidarity with Refugees

By Budour Hassan

In an attempt to challenge the rising tide of prejudice and incitement against refugees, world renowned artist Banksy sprayed a graffiti of the late Apple founder, Steve Jobs, on a wall in Calais Refugee Camp last month.

The piece depicted Jobs, himself the son of a Syrian immigrant to the United States, carrying an Apple computer in his hand and a black bin bag over his shoulder.

Banksy, who rarely comments on his art, wrote in a statement: