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Slaughter in Yarmouk as the World Watches

Since the beginning of April, the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp in Syria has been witnessing continuous violent terrorist attacks led by the Islamic State (ISIS), supported by  al-Nusra Front fighters, and under the watchful eye of Assad's forces, which have imposed a blockade on the camp and its residents for nearly two years now.

Statement from the Socialist Forum in Lebanon: Towards the victory of the #revolution in #Syria


Four years have passed since the Syrian revolution for freedom and dignity sought to topple an exploitative and oppressive regime. This revolutionary fire blazed across the Arab-Maghreb region, crossing multiple borders and amassing most of its momentum where authoritarian regimes have long enriched themselves 

Statement of Solidarity from the Middle East | #BlackLivesMatter

Statement of Solidarity 


We the undersigned groups and individuals in the Middle East and North Africa stand in solidarity with the ongoing protests across the U.S., led by Black communities, following thekilling of Mike Brown by officer Darren Wilson and the decision by a Grand Jurythat Wilson is innocent of any crime. Brown’s death is not the first, and has been followed by many other fatal shootings of people of color by U.S. police. We condemn this violence against Black communities and people of color in all its forms.

To Bassem, to honesty and life

By Zoukak Theatre Company

About Bassem Chit and Us…

A rare blend of clarity, sharpness, anger, calmness and intuition, and the solid bond that combines them, honesty.

Honesty. This is the approach. Every thought or political action that does not rely on honesty in relation to reality and dreams, is one that feeds the market which tries to buy and sell us at every moment.

It was like you entered the motif, Bassem

By Walid Daou

Bassem died.

Indeed, it is another truth that I have discovered with autumn’s start. But today, aspirations and desires converge to complete what we and Bassem had started together.

How painful it is to speak of Bassem in the past tense. Because his voice still rings in my mind, his peace, his last farewell, on his last night, and his Last Supper. 

Original Arabic content: 
باسم، كأنك دخلت في النص

Dreams Never Die, Bassem

Nidal Ayoub, Tamim Abdo, Anthony Rizk, Nada Zanhour

Even though we’ve only worked with him for a few short years, Bassem was keen on training us in almost everything. We met on a weekly basis, and our sometimes heated discussions and debates extended well into the night. Of all the things he had taught us – writing statements, covering demonstrations, making banners, flyers, and picketing – this has definitely been the most difficult; writing Bassem’s eulogy. 

Original Arabic content: 
الحلم لا يموت يا باسم

Solidarity with Egypt LGBT Protests Initiative

This is a call for solidarity and participation to all organizations and individuals interested;

We invite you to participate in the demonstration that will take place on 18 October 2014 in front of every Egyptian embassy around the world (If accessible) to protest against human rights violations committed by the Egyptian government, relying on unlawful and unethical media tools, towards those of differing sexual orientations and gender identities.

Pour une Palestine, libre, démocratique, et laïque révolutionnaire


Communiqué d’organisations marxistes socialistes révolutionnaires de la région arabe


Pour une Palestine, libre, démocratique, et laïque révolutionnaire pour l'ensemble de ses habitants arabes et juifs 

Pour que la troisième guerre contre Gaza soit la dernière 

L’État sioniste doit payer cher ses crimes contre l'humanité