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We fight dictatorships, imperialist aggression and Daesh. We reject the politics of “national security”, racism and austerity. It’s time to mobilise!

Over recent months, people across the Middle East have been hit by an intensification of conflict in Syria and Iraq. That escalation has been sponsored both by global imperialist powers – chiefly the USA, Russia and European countries – and regional imperialist actors including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Iran. These conflicts are the product of two distinct forms of counter-revolution: local dictatorships and counter-revolutionary regimes on one hand, and reactionary Islamic forces like Daesh on the other.

Soutien au mouvement populaire au Liban, contre la répression d’Etat

Ces dernières semaines, des manifestations se sont amplifiées à Beyrouth contre la gestion désastreuse des ordures par le gouvernement, au point d'atteindre une échelle nationale.

In support of the popular movement in Lebanon, against State repression

Beirut has been the scene of growing demonstrations over the past few weeks in reaction to the government’s disastrous management of waste disposal and treatment; this market-based privatised approach has catastrophic environmental consequences, hitting first and foremost the most impoverished regions of the country. The closure of the open-air landfill site in Na’ameh following local mobilisations means that tons of rubbish are left on the streets of the country’s major cities.

Pour un Etat laïque démocratique qui consacre la justice sociale, la liberté et l'égalité  

- Pour un Etat laïque démocratique qui consacre la justice sociale, la liberté et l'égalité  pour tous, hommes et femmes

- Pour une Assemblée constituante élue en dehors du carcan sectaire, qui élaborera une nouvelle Constitution pour le Liban

- Pour le droit de tous à une vie décente, et dans un environnement propre ne suffoquant pas sous l'odeur des déchets

Let 22 August be the first spark for our uprising against the capitalist sectarian regime

In the midst of the Arab uprisings in winter of 2011, the Lebanese people engaged actively by protesting for the downfall of the sectarian regime and the establishment of a secular society and state based on social justice and equality, as a giant leap forward towards the ultimate revolutionary change on  social, political and economic fronts.

Déclaration du Courant de la Gauche révolutionnaire en Syrie: EN SOLIDARITÉ AVEC LE SOULÈVEMENT DES MASSES POPULAIRES LIBANAIS

Notre pays frère le Liban vit ces derniers jours des manifestations et des protestations pacifiques qui exigent la chute du régime et l’assainissement du pays de ses politiciens… avant ses déchets. En effet ces manifestations veulent destituer le gouvernement et le Parlement dont le mandat a été prolongé, mettre fin aux seigneurs de la guerre ainsi que renverser tout le système politique sectaire et corrompu en vue de le remplacer par un autre qui reflète les aspirations des masses populaires et leurs intérêts. 

Down with this Rubbish State!

Down with repression, corruption, exploitation and humiliation by the Lebanese state! Against corrupt deals and bargains sanctioned by the Lebanese State that lead to garbage catastrophes!

Day by day and at every milestone, the two dominant poles of the ruling class – March 8 and March 14 – are demonstrating its indifference regarding the fate of ordinary people. The only concern is its own direct interest in outrageous profits at the expense of everyone else.

Freedom from Dictatorships, Occupation, and Imperialism Is the Path of Resistance

The Zionist expansion and occupation of Palestinian territories took place with the support of European and British imperialism, followed by US imperialism. Entire cities and neighborhoods inside the occupied territories were thus systematically depopulated and replaced by countless settlements. In an attempt to eliminate any popular resistance against occupation, detention centers were set up to torture and kill and settlers were allowed to carry arms "to defend themselves against harassment by Palestinians."

Against Executing Political Opponents in Egypt of Any Side. Yes to democratic freedoms, particularly the right to demonstrate, organize, and strike

In recent weeks, Egypt has been witnessing grave developments in the regime’s approach to smash its political opponents. One year into the iron fist rule of General Sisi, tens of thousands from the ranks of the entire spectrum of the political opposition – Islamists and others – have been detained under the protest law.