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Global solidarity with the refugees

By Yazan Al-Saadi & Elia El Khazen


We know all the numbers that need to be known. 

We are aware of all the ratios of refugees to citizens in every country, from Lebanon to the UK, Libya to Greece, Macedonia to Canada. 

Rethinking Solidarity with Refugees

By Budour Hassan

In an attempt to challenge the rising tide of prejudice and incitement against refugees, world renowned artist Banksy sprayed a graffiti of the late Apple founder, Steve Jobs, on a wall in Calais Refugee Camp last month.

The piece depicted Jobs, himself the son of a Syrian immigrant to the United States, carrying an Apple computer in his hand and a black bin bag over his shoulder.

Banksy, who rarely comments on his art, wrote in a statement: 

Thoughts on the Left and its position towards women

By Hiba Abbani, translated by Anthony Rizk

Originally published in the Socialist Forum newsletters, issue 1, spring 2012. Link: http://www.al-manshour.org/node/7911 

On tackling the death of Zahran Alloush

By Elia El Khazen

Alloush and Jaish al-Islam were most probably sacrificed by Saudi Arabia in order to prepare for the upcoming "peace deal" in January. Jaish al-Islam's HQ has been known for quite a while and it seems that Saudi Arabia presented this concession to the Russians as a token of good will. 

Original Arabic content: 
حول مصرع زهران علّوش

Statement of Solidarity with the Revolutionary Socialist Worker's Party (Turkey)

The Turkish regime is playing an influential role in the current struggles of the region. Under the pretext of fighting the Islamic State (IS), attacks have been launched by several imperialist nations, including the United States of America, Russia and several European nations. In light of this, the Turkish regime continues to ignore, or is even complicit in, the movement of large numbers of reactionary Islamist fighters into Syria, specifically into the ranks of the IS.

Movilicémonos contra los regímenes dictatoriales, la agresión imperialista y Daesh! Rechacemos las políticas de seguridad, el racismo y la austeridad!

La intensificación del conflicto en Siria e Irak, liderado por las potencias imperialistas globales (principalmente EEUU, Rusia y países europeos) y regionales (Arabia Saudita, Qatar, Turquía e Irán) en los últimos meses, ha afectado a la población de Oriente Medio. Estos conflictos son consecuencia de dos formas diferentes de contrarrevolución: las dictaduras locales y regímenes contrarrevolucionarios por un lado, y las fuerzas islámicas reaccionarias como Daesh por el otro.

Mobilisons-nous contre les régimes dictatoriaux, les agressions impérialistes et Daesh! Rejetons les politiques sécuritaires, racistes et d’austérité !

L’intensification du conflit mené par les puissances impérialistes (Etats-Unis, Russie, Etats européens, etc…) et régionales (Arabie saoudite, Qatar, Turquie, Iran) au Moyen-Orient ces derniers mois a durement touché les peuples de la région. Elle est le produit des différentes formes de la contre-révolution, représentées par les régimes dictatoriaux et contre-révolutionnaires et les forces islamiques réactionnaires, comme Daesh, conjuguées à la volonté des grandes puissances internationales et régionales d'imposer leur hégémonie politique et économique sur la région.

We fight dictatorships, imperialist aggression and Daesh. We reject the politics of “national security”, racism and austerity. It’s time to mobilise!

Over recent months, people across the Middle East have been hit by an intensification of conflict in Syria and Iraq. That escalation has been sponsored both by global imperialist powers – chiefly the USA, Russia and European countries – and regional imperialist actors including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Iran. These conflicts are the product of two distinct forms of counter-revolution: local dictatorships and counter-revolutionary regimes on one hand, and reactionary Islamic forces like Daesh on the other.

Soutien au mouvement populaire au Liban, contre la répression d’Etat

Ces dernières semaines, des manifestations se sont amplifiées à Beyrouth contre la gestion désastreuse des ordures par le gouvernement, au point d'atteindre une échelle nationale.