By: Yasmeli Pernía

As a story of terror, it seems that the world political debate focuses on our beloved land, a whole stage set up by the world powers, in the face of the economic present that haunts us, a badly sought, as a result of acquired debts and neoliberal commitments, promoted by the International Bank and sponsored by Nicolás Maduro and his red-and-blue henchmen, illegitimate, unconsulting debts, which have generated a great waste, at the time of the country's greatest economic growth -as a popular saying- the chicken with the golden eggs remained without food, because of the lack of management and the disastrous investment policies of both right-left sectors, because they are accomplices of that, the people have no doubt; but you still have to take out their golden eggs, "whatever." Hence the extractive policy of the Orinoco Mining Arc, led by a military company Compañía Anónima, for the exploitation and theft of 12% of the national territory, according to Presidential Decree 2248, signed by the pseudo-president Nicolás Maduro.

In recent years there has been a progressive and exacerbated international indebtedness, to guarantee the power of the psuv-mud, these in confrontation and pact of how the treat are distributed; without consulting the people such indebtedness and breaking the constitutional order, as usual, now, the powers seek new actors to justify foreign intervention, and Guaidó appears as such hero of the story, wanting to find solutions, another necessary germ just like Chavez. And the ideological stage is expiring, a quarantine the "right", a score the "left" and in both appears the speculator, in this case, the IMF, the WB and the Federal Reserve, the international bank then; both sectors respond to the interests of the global ultra-right. Once the commitments are ceasing, a pseudo-ideological tragicomedy is conspired with the world, while the background of the truth is the financial default, as with Cistgo, some oil experts had already announced such an aberration where this trap is hidden, among the and the others that the people abhor and that already tired does not cease to denounce, to give the final blow to the most suffering that is the people in their sensitive manifestation of hunger and any social needs, with measures of intimidation, anxiety, media clashes, they lead the population to a slow social agony, and the theft of our resources from international legualeism prevails. .

Then the international sages, tear their clothes to defend the compromise and do very well the role of harlequins as entertainment to keep people distracted; while the debts are renegotiated and sovereignty continues to be distributed. It is necessary to emphasize, that here each one comes for his own and the external left pseudo that are biased by Russia and China to continue the dogmatic bochinche that has allowed for years the looting of our riches, they wait as leeches, their share part.

We, the people who love Venezuela because we feel it and are rooted in this land of grace, we must understand the historical farce to which we have been subjected, from the colonizing process, we must leave this Eurocentric bubble that prevents our development, it is It is necessary to recognize ourselves and identify ourselves as consanguineous, we must alert ourselves to the hidden truth, Professor Pablo Hernández of the Yacambú University, an oil expert, says: "The crisis that the majority of the Venezuelan population suffers is a corrected and improved edition of this old strategy. "imperial". The country with the largest oil reserves in the world is mortgaged and bankrupt. " How such deceit occurs, by our lack of understanding in the interests of Power, and the blindness over what is ours.

Professor Pablo, already warned in his analysis titled A GHOST WALK TO VENEZUELA, IS THE GHOST OF 1814 that: in 2016 the IMF and international banks will come to conclude their neo-Malthusian policy disguised as debt restructuring and adjustment program, for what the specter of the war to the death of the government, military, police and crime against Venezuelan society will continue to plague the national territory ... as a Creole version of the policy of "forgetfulness and forgiveness" developed in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, etc. "

Here then, it is about understanding that we have been oppressed by world dividends because they, the great powers, defend their interests -privileges, hence their speculative action to negotiate, they do not care at any time the rights of anyone and none, much less of a working people like ours that every day bets on life, unless it is to exploit it, as it happens in their own countries, it does not require the most learned studies and analysis to understand that sad tragedy, we the People, we must close ranks from our environment, we do not allow the blackmail of any politicking sector that come with stories of no road. We only want to live in harmony, in peace, in tolerance, in solidarity; that has always been our gentile essence. Then we only need conviction of our own, conviction of what we defend and how we defend it, we have to face Venezuela for all united without fear because we no longer tolerate the imperial stage. Only the people save the people!

January 30, 2019