Letter of Solidarity from the Socialist Forum in Lebanon to Revolutionary Socialist Workers' Party in Turkey

Dear Comrades,

Your conference this year comes at a time of counter-revolution in the region. But despite the calamities, we are fully aware of the responsibilities of this difficult phase.

This is evident in the rearrest of comrade Mahinour al-Masri in Egypt, the recent arrest of comrade Emin Şakir in Turkey, and the restrictions on working in solidarity with refugees in Lebanon.

In response, we can only build hope and strengthen the means of solidarity and cooperation between revolutionary parties and forces that emerged or grew in the past few years.

In this regard, we reiterate the calls for the immediate release of comrade Emin Şakir, who deserves nothing but freedom.

All wealth and power to the working class.

In solidarity,

Socialist Forum - Lebanon

Dec 7, 2017